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Broadband Internet Service Options, Policies, & Notices

Email Address Username(s) and Password(s)

You may receive up to five free email addresses with a Consolidated Broadband account. You must enter at least ONE Username to be used as an email address for your account. We cannot guarantee that an email address you requested will be available.

  • Your username and password must be between 8 and 16 characters
  • Username can include an underscore '_' or dash '-'
  • Password must include one capital letter and one numeral.
  • Username and password must be different and password cannot contain the username
  • Your chosen username will become part of your email address. For example, "username1" will be used to create the email address of "username1@ndsupernet.com" .
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    Wi-Fi Router Option

    Consolidated’s Manage Router, powered by Wi-Fi 6 technology, gets edge-to-edge Wi-Fi coverage and mobile app access with Consolidated MyNetwork for a premium Managed Wi-Fi experience. Add Network Security and Parental Controls for an even better Wi-Fi experience! Learn more here.

    I would like a Managed Router FREE with Residential Service.
    I will provide my own router or I will not require a router.

    Secure IT Plus Anti-virus & Anti-spyware

    SecureIT Plus is an anti-Virus and anti-Spyware solution for your home computers including parental controls, content filtering, disk defragmentation, hands-free updates, personal firewall, and online reporting. Each computer will require its own license. Learn More

    $4.95 / month for each license.

    Internet Services Acceptable Use Policy

    Cable TV Service Options, Policies, & Notices

    Premium Channels

    1 Premium Channel Bundles = $18.00 / month
    2 Premium Channel Bundles = $32.75 / month
    3 Premium Channel Bundles = $45.00 / month
    4 Premium Channel Bundles = $55.75 / month

    Equipment and Cloud Services*

    * Equipment required for all TVs.
    Cloud DVR service is optional
    Cloud DVR recordings will automatically delete after 12 months.

    $5.00 / month
    $10.00 / month
    $16.00 / month
    $4.00 / month (each)
    $50.00 One-Time (each)
    ** Firesticks are not returnable after original packaging is opened. These units are owned by the customer.
    *** It is the customer's responsibility to pay sales tax on any equipment.

    MyTV Streaming Service

    DVRs and Set Top Boxes*

    * Equipment is required for all TVs.

    $2.50 / month
    $12.00 / month each
    $4.00 / month each
    $3.00 / month each
    *** It is the customer's responsibility to pay sales tax on any equipment.

    VU-IT powered by TiVo Service Options

    $16.00 / month (each)
    $6.00 / month each
    *** It is the customer's responsibility to pay for sales tax on any equipment.

    Equipment Lease Agreement

    Information Privacy Notice


    MyTV Streaming Service

    Telephone Service Options, Policies, & Notices

    Call Features

    Consolidated provides the latest in telephone calling features such as EZ Voicemail (with email notification options), Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Fowarding, and more (click here for a full list in our support section). Some features are offered as a premium, listed below.

    Ported Number Information

    If you plan on keeping your current phone number when starting service with Consolidated, please enter it below.

    Directory Listing Information

    Please enter your name and address as you would like it to appear in the directory. If left blank, it will default to the contact information you provide later. If you would like your phone number unpublished or unlisted, please specify below.

    Long Distance Restrictions

    Long Distance Options

    Unlimited Long Distance Restrictions

    Available to residential subscribers for personal use only. Not available for business or commercial applications. Taxes, federal subscriber line charges, federal universal service charges, E911 charges, telecommunications relay service, other federal or state charges are not included. One time activation or service order charges may apply. Unlimited long distance includes residential, domestic voice calling only. Long distance calls to internet service providers, other data or information services are prohibited. If Consolidated Telcom determines that usage is not consistent with residential customer voice usage, Consolidated Telcom may immediately suspend, restrict, bill or cancel your service. Subject to change at any time. Consolidated Telcom reserves the right to discontinue service to any or all subscribers without prior notice.

    Voice Services Acceptable Use Policy

    Backup Power Customer Notice

    Wire Maintenance

    Wire Maintenance for Service(s)

    Our maintenance protection service determines if customer owned equipment is causing the problem. It does not cover repairing a telephone, television, computer, wiring in new locations, buried cable between buildings that was not installed by Consolidated or mobile homes. The repair charge to send a technician to your home is $105.00 an hour, with a $65 minimum, if you do not have maintenance protection.

    We provide trouble isolation and repair of: Telephone wire & jacks, Network interface unit, Cable TV receiver, wiring & connectors, and Broadband outlets.

    / month

    Service Summary

    Service Totals

    Package Name:
    Package Price:
    Monthly Options:
    One-Time Options:
    _____ ( before taxes and fees )
    Approx. Monthly Total:
    _____ ( before taxes and fees )
    Broadband Installation Charge:

    Paperless Billing, AutoPay & Consolidated MyAccount App

    * Receive a one-time $5 bill credit for signing up for Paperless Billing and a one-time $5 bill credit for signing up for AutoPay.

    Referral Program *

    * This section is required

    If you have been referred by a current Consolidated customer, please remind them to vist the referral web page to enter their information. Credit will not be issued until this step has been completed. Thank you.

    No, I was not referred
    Yes, I was referred

    Partner Program

    Customer Contact and CPNI Information

    Customer Contact Information

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    Billing Address
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    Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)

    The FCC requires us to establish a password on every account to protect the privacy of our customers.

    We CANNOT discuss your account information without you providing this password to us. If you prefer to change it, please fill in the three fields below:

    Customer Name:
    Contact Phone:
    Chosen Password:
    (Between 5-10 Characters, no spaces or symbols)

    If you forgot your password, we will ask you the answers to the two questions that you choose below which will then allow us to help you. Please choose ONLY TWO of the following security questions:

    1. What is your favorite food?
    2. What is the name of your pet?
    3. What was the color of your first car?
    4. Who was your first employer?
    5. What is your favorite color?

    Please indicate below those you wish to give permission to have access to your account other than the contact(s) listed above and give that person your password. For example, if your children might call us to assist you with your bill, you must list their name(s) below which allows us to discuss your account with them.

    Full Name & Relation
    Full Name & Relation
    Full Name & Relation
    Full Name & Relation
    Full Name & Relation

    ** Please keep a copy of this information for your records. You will be asked to verify this PASSWORD prior to discussing account information ** If you have any questions, please contact us at 701-483-4000. Thank you.

    Agreement Terms and Submission

    Agreement Terms

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