Consolidated Belfield Rural Fiber Project town meeting with CEO/GM Bryan Personne March 23, 2023.

Consolidated CEO/General Manager, Bryan Personne, and Bill Palanuk talk about the Belfield Fiber Optic Project and what needs to happen to keep this time sensitive project on track.

The rural Belfield FTTH project is underway. This project cannot happen without easements. Below is a table showing the number of easements needed for the area south of I94 and how many have been executed and returned to us. We will update the table weekly

Construction is planned to start this Spring and that is just a few months away. Without the cooperation of landowners giving easements the project will not happen. When you receive your easement packet, it is imperative to contact Contex Energy or Consolidated immediately if you have questions otherwise execute and return ASAP to keep this time sensitive project on track. Construction season in North Dakota is limited and we can’t start until we have easements.

95% of all fiber placed will be done by vibratory plow train, not open trench.  This means less impact to the land crossed. 

Consolidated is a company of family, friends and neighbors serving family, friends and neighbors. That comes from our cooperative roots. Help us bring fiber and the benefits of high speed Internet to your area.

FAQ’s on Belfield ReConnect project:

How soon will work start?

Engineering and Easement/Permit acquisitions  began Fall 2022.

Construction will begin in Spring of 2023.  Initial construction will start South of I94 and after completed will proceed North of I94.

How long will the work take to be completed?

There are multiple phases of construction:  Mainline routes, individual drops to locations, splicing and testing, and then installation and turn up of services.

This is a 2 year project to complete the entire serving area covered by the award.

When can I get service connected?

Installation of services in the South areas will begin in the Fall of 2023.

What will this project cost me?

This project is being 100% funded by a $13.8M grant from USDA and a $4.6M match from Consolidated.  Once complete, services will be offered to residences and businesses at the same rates we charge in our other service areas.  Programs like Lifeline and ACP will also be available to qualifying customers.

How do Consolidated’s services compare with Century Link or Hughes Net?

Once the fiber-to-the-home project is complete,   we will offer up to 1G symmetrical broadband service, voice service, and video service.  We are a local company with local technicians and staff available for you.

Why are we going south first?

We are starting South of 94 because there are fewer pipeline crossings.  Pipeline crossings take more lead time.  The bulk of these are in the North half and this will give us the needed time to get those crossings planned and not slow construction down.

What will happen to my service if I lose power at my home?

The fiber optic facilities require backup battery power to allow your telephone service to continue functioning in a power outage.  To avoid a disruption in home voice service during a power outage, and to maintain the ability to connect to 911 emergency services, Consolidated provides you with a battery for the backup power for you residential voice telephone service at the time of the installation at no additional cost.  The only service that the backup battery will support is voice.  Home security systems, medical monitoring devices, and other equipment will not run on residential voice telephone backup battery.  The backup batteries are expected to last up to 8 hours, depending on usage.

Do I need to rewire my house in order to connect fiber optic for my services?

No, the existing wire will work in most cases.  

To learn more, read the full news release