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Consolidated Telcom will deliver a state-of-the-art network providing advanced services to our customers.

Consolidated has kept our customers connected to the world with telephone, television and high-speed Internet since 1961. We proudly continue that tradition of commitment and passion to our customers today.

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We will treat each other, and our customers, with respect and dignity, honesty and integrity, doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.

We are committed to our communities’ long-term prosperity and actively participate in making them a better place to live.

We seek our employees’ long-term success by helping them develop skills necessary for the future.

We are committed to managing our resources to maintain the long-term viability of the organization.

Consolidated Telcom Construction for Rural Telco


From the beginning, Consolidated has always been a coming together of family, friends, and neighbors to bring service to the people of southwestern North Dakota.

On January 2, 1961, Bowman-Slope Rural Telephone Mutual Aid Corporation & Dunn Telephone Mutual Aid Corporation joined together to become the Consolidated Telephone Cooperative.  At that time, Consolidated provided telephone service in Amidon, Dodge, Dunn Center, Grassy Butte, Halliday, Ladd, Manning, Rhame, Scranton, and Twin Buttes. 

In 1978, Consolidated expanded and began providing service in Richardton, South Heart, Reeder, Regent, and Marmarth.  In 1996, Consolidated expanded again by acquiring five additional communities from U.S. West. The addition of Killdeer, Mott, Hettinger, New England and Bowman more than doubled the number of customers served. In 2001, these five communities officially became part of the cooperative.

In 1997, Consolidated’s Board of Directors and management made the decision to compete as a local telephone service provider in the Dickinson area. in 1998, Dickinson State University was the first customer for our competitive local exchange company, otherwise known as the CLEC.  The CLEC has grown dramatically over the past 20 years with customers in Dickinson, Belfield and Gladstone.

In 1998, Consolidated’s commercial venture also began providing Internet service in both the cooperative and competitive service areas. In 2000, Consolidated acquired a CATV system in Dickinson and today that video distribution system provides service to the entire cooperative service area. These subsidiary operations are wholly owned by the cooperative and have allowed it to spread the cost of providing voice, video and data services amongst a larger customer base to keep prices affordable.

In 2005, Consolidated took on the very ambitious goal of serving all cooperative customers with a fiber-to-the-home infrastructure.  Today, Consolidated is 100% fiber-to-the-home in all of the cooperative exchanges, serving 19 communities. Consolidated is working towards the same goal in Dickinson, upgrading its customers from coax to fiber facilities.

Consolidated faces many challenges today: uncertainty in universal service and network access compensation, declines in landline subscribers, and competition, just to name a few.  At the same time, we see many potential opportunities on the horizon. The Internet has unlocked possibilities we could just barely imagine a generation ago. Throughout its history, Consolidated has maintained its vision of providing access to the world to all of the customers it serves.

Since 1961, Consolidated has grown by leaps and bounds from two struggling telephone companies. Consolidated has invested millions of dollars in equipment and infrastructure to provide top-quality Internet, video, and voice services. Looking back not only provides a backdrop to our roots, it also gives us an opportunity to reflect on those who have through grit, guts, and perseverance made Consolidated what it is today: family, friends and neighbors bringing service to family, friends and neighbors. 

Our belief that treating our customers and employees with honesty and integrity is the only way to conduct business has guided us throughout our history. Consolidated’s motto of “Reach the World from Here” continues to drive our efforts to bring our customers the same services available to people in urban areas at a reasonably comparable cost.

What is a Co-op and why were they formed?

A cooperative is a private business organization that is owned and controlled by the people who use its products, supplies, or services.  Cooperatives have historically been formed to promote the interests of the less powerful members of society, with the idea that consumers could accomplish more collectively than they could as individuals. In the telecommunications industry, they were born out of the need for goods and services that were not offered in rural communities, because it was not often profitable for commercial telecommunications companies to serve rural areas. Farmers, ranchers, and members of the community banded together to find a way to obtain essential services, such as telephony, at a reasonable cost. Thus, telecommunications cooperatives were born.

What does being a Co-op customer mean?

Cooperatives are run by their customers: You. In order to become a member of a co-op, you must use its services. Every member has one vote, so organizational decision making is shared by all members of the cooperative. A Board of Directors is elected by the membership in order to handle the day-to-day operations. By purchasing services from your local telecommunications co-op, you are enabling them to bring new and advanced services to your community. Being a member of a co-op also has financial benefits. Revenues earned above operating expenses are disbursed to members on a pro-rated basis. These capital credits are allocated in a proportional manner – the more services you use from the co-op, the more credits that are available to you.

The biggest advantage to you as a customer is that co-ops are not motivated by profit, but by high-quality goods or services that meet the needs of their membership at the most affordable rate possible.  Rural telecommunications cooperatives are fighting for your interests and trying to ensure that you have access to the same essential services as a member of urban areas.


Duane Zent - Consolidated Telcom Board of Directors

Duane Zent

District 7 Mott & Richardton Exchanges

Jan Stebbins – Consolidated Telcom Board of Directors

Jan Stebbins

District 5 Bowman & Ladd Exchanges

Scott Bachmeier – Consolidated Telcom Board of Directors

Scott Bachmeier

District 4 Reeder, Rhame, Scranton Exchanges

Brenda Volesky - Consolidated Telcom Board of Directors

Brenda Volesky,

District 3 Amidon, New England, South Heart Exchanges

Janet Wanek - Consolidated Telcom Board of Directors

Janet Wanek
Secretary / Treasurer

District 1 Dunn Center, Dodge, Halliday, and Manning Exchanges

Bill Schaller – Consolidated Telcom Board of Directors

Bill Schaller,

District 2 Grassy Butte & Killdeer Exchanges

Paula Anderson - Consolidated Telcom Board of Directors

Paula Anderson

District 6 Hettinger & Regent Exchanges

Consolidated Telephone Cooperative By Laws


Consolidated Telcom Cooperative Bylaws

Bryan Personne, CEO, at the Consolidated Telcom Annual Meeting 2023


The Nominations Committee meets in January and again in February to seek qualified members to fill the position of Board of Directors to represent Districts 1, 6, & 7.  Any Member from these districts wanting to seek nominations for Director should contact the Nominating Committee members from their respective district.  It is the responsibility of the Nominations Committee members to select Board Candidates for these districts


The Current Directors seeking re-election are:

Janet Wanek, District 1, Dodge, Dunn Center, Halliday & Manning Exchanges
Paula Anderson, District 6, Hettinger & Regent Exchanges
Duane Zent, District 7, Mott & Richardton Exchanges


The 63rd Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 19, 2024.

The deadline to contact a nominating committee member is February 28, 2024.  The deadline to submit a petition is March 21, 2024.



(from Consolidated Telcom's By-Laws)

It shall be the duty of the Board to appoint, not less than thirty (30) days nor more than one hundred eighty (180) days before the date of a meeting of the members at which Board members are to be elected, a committee on nominations consisting of one (1) member from each of the seven (7) districts described in Section 2 above. No member of the Board may serve on such a committee. Upon selection, the Secretary of the Cooperative shall notify the members of the committee so selected and shall arrange the time and place for a meeting of such committee on nominations, which meeting shall be held at least twenty (20) days before the annual meeting of members. At the meeting of the nominating committee, the nominating committee shall prepare a list of nominees for Directors which shall be posted at the principal office of the Cooperative at least twenty (20) days before the meeting of members. Any fifteen (15) or more members acting together may make other nominations by petition not less than ninety (90) days prior to the annual meeting and the Secretary shall post such nominations at the same place where the list of nominations made by the committee is posted. The Secretary shall mail, with the notice of the annual meeting, or separately, but at least seven (7) days before the date of the annual meeting of members, a statement of the number of Directors to be elected and the names and addresses of the nominees, specifying separately the nomination made by the committee on nominations and also the nominations made by petition. No member may nominate more than one (1) candidate.

Mail to: Consolidated Telcom
Attention: Michelle Dohrmann
PO Box 1408
Dickinson, ND 58602

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