Business Solutions

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Consolidated’s hardware solutions are designed with flexibility to help businesses and organizations of all sizes adapt to a digital workplace with security and expertise. Embrace the cloud, secure your data, and innovate systems.

Our expert team can assist you with cabling solutions, servers, business workstations, routers, and Wi-fi needs.

Consolidated Cabling Wiring Solutons

Cabling Solutions

From fiber to Cat 6, our team is here to assist with all your wiring and cabling needs, ensuring a robust and reliable network for your business.

Connectivity is the lifeblood of businesses, so investing in robust business cabling solutions is imperative. A well-designed cabling infrastructure forms the backbone of consistent communication and data transfer. Ethernet or fiber optic cabling, choosing the right solution is crucial for speed, reliability, and scalability. Upgrading or installing efficient cabling not only ensures high-performance connectivity but also minimizes downtime, promoting uninterrupted productivity. Whether for new setups or upgrading existing networks, business cabling solutions lay the foundation for a strong and lasting communication infrastructure, essential for thriving in today's competitive and interconnected business landscape.

Consolidated Server Solutions


Streamline your operations with our reliable server hardware solutions. 

Whether you need setup, maintenance, or upgrades, our experienced team will ensure your servers are running at peak performance, providing a stable foundation for your business applications and data.

Elevate your business to new heights with business-class server solutions. In the digital era, where data is vital, a robust server infrastructure is key to optimal performance. Tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses, these solutions provide reliability, scalability, and security. From streamlining workflows to enhancing data storage and processing capabilities, investing in business-class servers is a strategic move toward creating efficiency and competitiveness. Stay ahead in the digital race and empower your business with server solutions designed to meet the demands of today's dynamic and information driven landscape.

Business Workstations

Boost productivity and efficiency with our business workstation services. 

We will configure, optimize, and maintain your workstations, ensuring smooth operations and collaboration for your employees.

Unleash the full potential of your teams with business class workstations. In the modern business landscape, where efficiency and performance are paramount, having the right workstations can make all the difference. Business class workstations offer superior processing power, reliability, and cutting-edge features. Whether handling complex tasks, creative projects, or daily operations, these workstations provide the power needed for optimal productivity. Invest in workstations designed to meet the demands of your business, providing your team with the tools required to thrive in today's competitive and fast-paced work environment.

Consolidated Routers WiFi Solutions

Routers & Wi-Fi

Maximize network connectivity and reliability with our router and Wi-Fi solutions. 

We will design and implement robust network infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity and secure access for your employees and guests.

Transform your business with top-notch business-class routers and Wi-Fi solutions. Business-class routers offer advanced features like enhanced security, traffic prioritization, and scalability. Coupled with cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology, these solutions provide a reliable and high-speed wireless network for your team. Elevate your business efficiency, support increased device connectivity, and foster a productive work environment. Upgrade to business-class routers and Wi-Fi to propel your organization into the future of connectivity.