Connect Anywhere in your home with the Internet Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience

From downloading music to Smart Home Technology – Consolidated's Internet has you covered! Includes: 5 email address, Spam filtering, Email Virus Protection, and our Managed Router with Wi-Fi 6 technology!

MAX 1 Gig x 1 Gig $99.99/MONTH
FAMILY 500/500 MB $69.99/MONTH
SOCIAL 100/100 MG $39.99/MONTH

– 100M upload depending on location –


eTech is a hands off support service that gives you immediate results from a trusted provider without the hassle.

Is your computer slowing to a crawl? Are programs freezing up and crashing? Do you keep getting pop-ups? Did you just purchase a new computer or buy some new software?

Consolidated now offers premium, remote online computer support through eTech. Now, from the comfort of your home, allow an eTech technician to clean up, scan, repair and update your computer. Save the time and hassle of unplugging cables and hauling hardware to a shop only to wait up to a week to get a solution.

Call 701.483.7300 or 1.877.744.7885 now.


Consolidated offers a 1 Gigabit broadband service with symmetrical 1 Gigabit upload and 1 Gigabit download speeds. This is 10 times faster than a 100 Megabit connection.

You may see this speed referenced as Gigabit, 1 Gig, 1G or 1000 Meg.

As the number of broadband connected devices grows, so does your need for each device to have higher speeds.  

The 1 Gig speed allows users to: 

  • Have more devices connected without sacrificing speed
  • Achieve higher cumulative download/upload speeds
  • Enhance your overall experience while using the internet
  • Stream video with little or no buffering
  • Nearly instant access to web and social media sites
  • Working from home to access your office network/computer using VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Gaming applications and playing online games like Xbox live or PlayStation plus


To achieve the highest connection speeds possible, the best way to connect is directly wired to your router.  Wi-Fi connections are always slower than wired connections.  Your wireless devices will be limited by the device’s wireless technology, your router’s wireless technology, and any interference from other wireless devices that may be in or around your router or home.

To achieve the highest connection speeds over Wi-Fi, your router and device need to support the Wi-Fi 6 / 802.11ax standard.


Managed Router systems are powerful, dynamic solutions that enhance and optimize your home Wi-Fi experience. 

With the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, you can enjoy simple plug and play setup, enhanced parental control and network security features, all easily controlled through the Consolidated MyNetwork app. It’s Wi-Fi the way it was always meant to be – fast, seamless and reliable.

What is included in Consolidated's Ultimate Wi-Fi?

  • Consolidated Managed Router
  • Remote Support
  • Free Repair or Replacement
  • Wi-Fi Assessment
  • MyNetwork App
  • Wi-Fi 6 Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Device Connection Assistance
  • Access Points available for additional coverage, if needed
Consolidated MyNetwork App for empowering your with your Home

Consolidated MyNetwork App

Set up: In less than one minute set up your whole system

Connect: The freedom to link your whole home and smart devices, both wired and wireless

Secure: Get real-time updates on your network security

Protect: Set up Parental Controls and regulate the web with ease

Enable: Create a guest network – connect your friends and family with a simple tap

Analyze: Manage guest access and network speeds and network usage


Consolidated MyNetwork App for empowering your with your Home Internet

Parental Control feature

With Consolidated’s MyNetwork app, our Parental Control feature lets you manage screen time and content.

Control: Add content, app and website filtering to control access to specific online content.

Manage: Add time limits to safely enforce screen time limits within your home.

Monitor: Monitor usage to understand where your children are spending time online.

Network Security

As viruses and malware become increasingly sophisticated, your network requires an equally innovative solution. You have locks on every door and window. Now, Network Security helps you keep a lock on your network – and alerts you when any unwanted visitors try to enter.

Protect: Protect ALL devices on your network. Every file that passes through your network is scanned, known viruses are blocked and destroyed before you encounter them.

Prevent: Using our Intrusion Prevention System, we prevent cyber criminals from accessing your network, keeping your sensitive information secure.

Block: Malicious Websites – We analyze the data from thousands of malicious sites—phishing, hijacking, spyware, adware, and malware sites are blocked.

Add one feature for only $4.50/month or add both for $8.00/month


Internet Online Backup

Help safeguard the things that matter to you the most, so that you never lose an important file again.

Windows and Mac Backup features:

  • Easy backup of photos, music, documents & more.
  • 5GB, 50GB and 250GB storage points.
  • Safe 128 bit encryption, the same used by banks, to keep your files secure.
  • Automatic and reliable. Set it and forget it.
  • Multiple PC use. Install Online Backup on any number of Windows and Mac computers, all with the same account.
  • Remote File Access so you can retrieve your files from any Internet connected computer.
  • File Sharing capabilities, share your larger files with anyone, just by sending an e-mail!
  • iFolder allows you to utilize one online folder to store, access and edit your files on any computer you have Online Backup installed on.
  • Free 24/7 Support – provided by Security Coverage technical staff.
5gb 50gb 250gb
$3.95/MONTH $6.95/MONTH $14.95/MONTH


Desktop Security

SecureIT Plus does it all. You get all the standard features plus parental controls, content filtering and disk defragmentation to keep your computer not only protected but optimized. It’s perfect for connected families. One SecureIT Plus license per computer.

What you get:

  • Anti-Virus
  • Real time protection against viruses, worms, trojans, and rootkits.
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Real time protection against spyware, keyloggers, and other malware programs.
  • Hands-Free UpdatesNo user interaction required.
  • Personal Firewall
    Prevent hackers from entering your computer.
  • Online Reporting
    See important details, for every security threat stopped, as it happens.
  • 24/7 Technical Support
    We provide the ultimate support via chat, phone and remote PC support.
  • Technical Support Line: 877.373.3320
  • Hard Drive Defrag
    Ensure your PC runs at optimal performance with disk defragmentation software.
  • Parental Controls
    Restricts access to unsuitable web pages; controls how people are using the Internet.
  • Guaranteed Protection
    Requires Supported Remote Installation on a clean PC.


System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems (Includes both 32 and 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 – Service Pack 1 and above
  • Windows 8.1 All Editions
  • Windows 10 All Editions


Resource Requirements:

  • Processor: Pentium 4 or newer; AMD Athlon or newer
  • Available Hard Disk Space: 400MB
  • RAM: 512MB on Windows XP; 1GB On Vista or newer
  • Administrative Privileges
  • Broadband Internet


We provide trouble isolation and repair of: 

  • Telephone wire & jacks
  • Network interface unit
  • Cable TV receiver, wiring, and connectors
  • Broadband outlet

Our maintenance protection service determines if customer-owned equipment is causing the problem. It does not cover the cost of repairing a telephone, television, computer, wiring in new locations, buried cable between buildings that was not installed by Consolidated, or mobile homes. 

The minimum repair charge to send a technician to your home is $105.00 if you do not have maintenance protection. 

$2.00 / MONTH $3.00/MONTH $3.50/MONTH