Rural Development Finance Corporation awards grants in Consolidated Telcom’s service area.

Consolidated Telcom Rural Development Grants

Consolidated Telcom is a member of the Rural Development Finance Corporation (RDFC). As a result, communities in our service area were eligible to apply for a grant of up to $2,000 for community-based projects.

RDFC has made these funds available in order that more people become aware of their larger loan program that funds community-based projects and non-profit entities with low interest loans. RDFC has recently made two grants in Consolidated Telcom’s service area. The first $500 grant went to the Richardton Park Board. The grant funds will be used to help purchase trees that will be planted to help beautify St. Mary’s Park.

Another $500 grant went to Scranton Community Golf Course. Grant funds will be used to purchase and install new greens and fringes for the 9-hole golf course.

Pictured Heather Joppa accepting check from Rhonda Fitterer
Pictured Lucas Doerr accepting check from Shawn Burns


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