• Consolidated is providing an upgrade to your traditional telephone service. In order to enhance your service and lower your bill, Consolidated has launched NetVoice. This can apply to all customers that currently have BOTH traditional telephone service AND Internet.
  • NetVoice includes the same great calling features, like Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Voicemail, that you enjoy with your current phone service.
  • Consolidated Long Distance is the long distance provider for NetVoice.
  • If you would like to receive your cost-saving service immediately, please fill out the form below or print the PDF listed below and return to our office.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if the Internet “goes down”, will my phone still work?
Yes – your phone service will still work.

What if my power goes out, will my phone still work?
Yes, if you have a corded phone.  Your phone service is on battery backup.  However, if the power goes out and it is a cordless phone, the cordless phone will not work (just as it won’t work today if the power goes out)

What if I have an old copper line running to my shop? Does NetVoice still work?
Yes, that line will still work.

Will a new or additional router be needed for this?
No, the wiring in the house does not change.  You do not need to add or change the router for NetVoice.

Can my phone get hacked with the NetVoice service?
Transitioning to the NetVoice service will not create additional vulnerability to your phone service.

Is NetVoice phone service similar to Vonage or Ooma? They are also VoIP providers.
VoIP is a very general term; while it is used to describe all of these services, they are not the same. Services like Vonage or Ooma require the customer to use their broadband or internet connection along with equipment such as a router. They use the public internet to route calls. NetVoice does not use the customer’s broadband or internet connection. The phone and internet remain separate within the home.

Why is a customer required to use Consolidated Long Distance with the NetVoice service?
Due to call routing within our network, Consolidated Long Distance must be used. Other long distance providers are not compatible with the NetVoice service.

Will my cordless phone still work?
Customers do not have to change any phones or equipment in their homes – if it works today, it will still work the same with NetVoice

Will I have to pay for each phone I have in my home?
NetVoice is not billed per phone. If you have more than one phone number, you will receive cost savings on all phone lines for residential service.

Is there an install charge to connect up the existing phones in the house?
There is no installation fee to get NetVoice.

Save $12 a month by switching to NetVoice!

What is netvoice?

NetVoice is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service.

NetVoice is the same reliable phone service you have today with NEW TECHNOLOGY that will improve your experience AND lower your monthly bill.

NetVoice is available now.

 NetVoiceTraditional TelephoneTotal Savings
Voice Package*$20.00$23.50$3.50/month
Federal Subscriber Line Charge$0$6.50$6.50/month
Federal Universal Service Charge$0$2.12 or 32.6%$2.12/month

*Taxes will be included on your monthly bill.  Residential Cooperative Customers Only.


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