Solar Interference Spring 2024

Solar Interference Update from Consolidated

The Spring, 2024 Solar Interference period will begin in late February to early March from approximately 10:00am to 5:00pm depending on your location.

Terms of Service Phishing Email

Consolidated Scam Alert Header

Some customers have received an email similar to this. This is a PHISHING email and Consolidated did not send it out. Signs that it is a phishing email are that the domain name is not one that Consolidated uses (ends with Telecom. com), we send emails out as Consolidated or Consolidated Telcom – not Consolidated […]

BitCoin Email Scam Email

Consolidated Scam Alert Header

This SCAM email has been reported by a few customers. Please delete it immediately and do not pay the money. If you have any questions or concerns please call our Internet Support Staff at 701.483.4638. See insights and ads Boost View post on Facebook

Email Phishing Scam

Consolidated Scam Alert Header

Another email phishing scam is being reported by customers. Consolidated is not sending this out, please delete it immediately. If you have further questions or concerns, please call our Internet support staff at 701-483-4638, thank you.

Document Download PHISHING Email

Consolidated Scam Alert Header

The latest email phishing scam that is going around. It potentially has you try multiple passwords (none of them will work) so you could be giving up information to many of your other accounts. Please delete it immediately.

Phishing Email Samples

Consolidated Scam Alert Header

We have been notified of more examples of phishing emails being received by customers. Once again, we did not send these – please delete them immediately. If you have questions or concerns, please contact our support team at 701.483.4000 Thank you.

Google Deleting Unused Accounts

Google Deleting Accounts

Recently, Google announced a change to its inactive account policies. Starting in December 2023, accounts that have been inactive for two or more years will start to get deleted. While this policy is meant to enhance security, cybercriminals could use this news for their phishing scams.  In the coming months, you will likely see an […]

New Phishing Email Format Reported

Consolidated Scam Alert Header

Please be aware of this email being received by some of our customers. The email is a PHISHING scam and should be DELETED IMMEDIATELY! Consolidated did not send this out. Please share this post with your friends.

Consolidated Office Emails Currently Not Delivering

Consolidated Office Emails Currently Not Delivering

***** UPDATE *****Our incoming email issue has been resolved. However, emails sent to Consolidated during that outage window may take some time to deliver as systems catch up. Consolidated office emails are currently experiencing issues with delivery. If you are trying to contact us or report a problem by email, please call our office at […]

Classic Email Account Phishing Scam

Consolidated Scam Alert Header

We have had a few customers report they are receiving this email notification. Consolidated did not send this. We advise you to delete it immediately. Thank you