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Consolidated’s business solutions are designed with flexibility to help businesses and organizations of all sizes adapt to a digital workplace with security and expertise. Embrace the cloud, secure your data, and innovate systems.


Consolidated provides a comprehensive range of solutions to cater to your business needs. No matter the size or nature of your business, we have the expertise and solutions to enhance your operations and drive success. Let us help you build a more efficient and secure business environment today.

Communication Systems

We offer both traditional and hosted phone systems, ensuring seamless communication inside and outside your company. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

  • Hosted Phones on a controlled, not public VOIP Network
  • SIP & T1 PRI
  • Secure and Affordable, Options scale for small and large businesses
  • Digital and IP Communications

Security Camera Systems

Stay connected with real-time updates on your business premises 24/7. Whether you have an office, retail store, or farming business, we'll work closely with you to ensure you're always aware of what's happening.

High-speed Broadband

With up to 1GIG symmetrical speed, our broadband service ensures that your business can maximize its online potential and operate at optimal speed.

Your business needs a reliable and powerful Internet connection with unlimited capabilities. Keep your business operating efficiently with our state-of-the-art fiber network. Whether you run a small office, multi-location company, ranch or farm, our network sets you up with the latest technology for today and for well into the future.

  • Contracts available for monthly savings.
  • Always connected for all your equipment needs
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Local office and support personnel for immediate assistance

Cabling Solutions

From fiber to Cat 6, our expert team is here to assist you with all your wiring and cabling needs, ensuring a robust and reliable network for your business.

Business Voice Solutions

Choose from our wide range of options, including traditional business lines, SIP trunks and ISDN PRIs, to find the voice solution that best suits your communication requirements

Door Access Control

Take control of your business's security with our electronic door access management system. Monitor and manage who enters and exits your premises, and customize access permissions according to your preferences.

System IT SpecialistS

Consolidated provides a comprehensive range of solutions to cater to your business needs. No matter the size or nature of your business, we have the expertise and solutions to enhance your operations and drive success. Let us help you build a more efficient and secure business environment today.


Protect your business from cyber threats with our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Our expert team will assess vulnerabilities, implement robust defenses, and provide ongoing monitoring to safeguard your critical data and systems.

  • Spam and content filtering
  • Managed antivirus
  • Secured backups
  • Firewall & Content Filtering
  • Secure Circuits
  • Site to Site VPN
  • Client VPN

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Partner with our trusted MSP services to offload the burden of IT management. We'll handle your infrastructure, network monitoring, security, and more, ensuring seamless operations and proactive support to keep your business running smoothly.

Employee Security Training and Phishing Simulations

Foster a security-conscious culture in your organization with our employee security training and phishing simulations. We'll educate your staff on best practices, raise awareness about cyber threats, and simulate phishing attacks to enhance their vigilance.


Streamline your operations with our reliable server solutions. Whether you need setup, maintenance, or upgrades, our experienced team will ensure your servers are running at peak performance, providing a stable foundation for your business applications and data.

Business Workstations

Boost productivity and efficiency with our business workstation services. We'll configure, optimize, and maintain your workstations, ensuring smooth operations and seamless collaboration for your employees.

Network Monitoring

Stay one step ahead of network issues with our proactive monitoring services. We'll continuously monitor your network for performance bottlenecks, security threats, and other anomalies, enabling timely resolution and preventing costly disruptions.

Routers & Wi-Fi

Maximize network connectivity and reliability with our router and Wi-Fi solutions. We'll design and implement robust network infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity and secure access for your employees and guests.

Email & Office 365

Enhance communication and productivity with our email and Office 365 solutions. We'll configure and manage your email systems, ensuring reliable email delivery, advanced security features, and efficient collaboration tools.

Patch Management

Keep your systems up to date and protected with our comprehensive patch management services. We'll handle the timely installation of software updates and security patches, reducing vulnerabilities and minimizing the risk of cyber-attacks.


Safeguard your data and enable secure remote access with our VPN and circuit solutions. We'll set up virtual private networks or dedicated circuits to ensure encrypted connections and seamless connectivity for your remote workforce.

Vulnerability Assessments and Scanning

Identify and address vulnerabilities in your systems with our comprehensive assessments and scanning services. We'll conduct thorough evaluations, provide detailed reports, and recommend remediation measures to fortify your security posture.

IT Services

Our comprehensive IT services cater to all your technology needs. From server setup and management to workstation support, we offer reliable solutions tailored to your business requirements. Let us optimize your IT infrastructure and enhance productivity.

Spam and DNS Filtering

Mitigate email-based threats and protect your network with our spam and DNS filtering solutions. We'll implement advanced filters to block malicious emails and filter web content, ensuring a secure and productive online environment.

Antivirus EDR

Safeguard your systems against malware and advanced threats with our antivirus and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions. We'll deploy robust security software, monitor endpoints for suspicious activities, and respond swiftly to potential threats.

Backup Solutions

Protect your critical data and ensure business continuity with our reliable backup solutions. We'll implement automated and secure backup processes, allowing for quick recovery in the event of data loss or system failures.

Conference Bridge

Bring everyone together. With our Conference Bridge feature, you can schedule a conference call, send email messages to attendees, and manage the call while it is in progress.

  • Save valuable time
  • Eliminate travel expenses
  • $2 per attendee
  • Direct dialed phone # – 2¢ per minute per attendee
  • 800 phone # – 4¢ per minute per attendee

    Call Business Services at 456-5252 today.

Website & Domain Hosting

Web Hosting

Consolidated provides website hosting with virus scan and daily server backups. Included with the package is a 24/7 unlimited FTP access account for large file transfer. Consolidated can host your email or redirect to a hosted service or server of your choice.

  • WordPress Single Site CMS
  • Hosting packages include Domain hosting.
  • Does not require Internet Access Account
  • Supports .Net scripting,  and PHP scripting.
  • Does support Access and SQL databases
  • Branded domain name required
  • Does NOT include cost of domain registration, SSL certificates, or third-party software.


Domain Name Hosting

A domain hosting package is needed when you want to use a domain name with your e-mail address, but not host a full website. Domain name registrations are done through third-party registrars such as Network Solutions or GoDaddy.com. If you have any questions please give us a call at 701-483-4000


Whether the story you want to tell is about an idea, a person, a place, or a product, CV Production can provide you with a creative solution to reach your targeted audience.

With the video market constantly changing and growing in the world of social media and advertising, CV Production can help you create the right content and the right plan for your brand or campaign.

From concept to consumer, we offer a wide range of video production services.

  • TV and Social Media Video Production
  • Brand and Product Videos
  • Agency Partnerships
  • Aerial Footage
  • Testimonial Footage
  • 3D Animation & Visual Effects
  • LIVE Events
  • Training Videos
  • Green Screen Compositing 
  • Corporate Image Video


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