The Internet Technician is primarily responsible for providing technical support and service to customers on Internet related troubles, services or products. This position also functions in a sales and marketing capacity regarding Internet related services or products. The Network Supervisor will assign specific job duties to ensure coverage of all responsibilities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities- other duties may be assigned.

  • Provide in-house Internet technical support for walk-in, call-in and on-line customers;
  • Work with other departments on Internet billing and service issues;
  • Create and maintain written and on-line Internet informational material for customers;
  • Provide Internet usage training to customers;
  •  May serve as back up to IT Systems Specialists, IT Systems Technicians and Combination Technicians on various job responsibilities, as needed and as assigned.

Position and advancement within the wage range established for this position is dependent upon performance and the scope of the duties and responsibilities assigned.


Two to three years customer service experience required. Related experience with Internet products and services preferred. An interest and desire to further enhance education level to keep up with changes in technology.

Job Knowledge

Knowledgeable in Internet service and products, as well basic computer setup and usage.

Related Skills

Must have strong customer service skills, ability to work independently and be a team player. May use hand and power tools. Physically exerting workload at times. Must recognize that one of the most important performance areas in which the company functions is that of customer relations; To insure continued growth and success of the company, the best possible courteous and friendly relationship with the customer must be maintained.

Additional Requirements

The Internet Technician may be required to participate in the On-Call & Weekend Duty rotation. This position may require split shifts and or flexible scheduling to ensure coverage during hours of operation. This position may also require occasional overtime.

Position Relationships

The Internet Technician reports to the Network Supervisor.


Maintains close relationship with all staff, especially Customer Service, Service Center, Business Sales and Combination staff.


Works with residential and business customers. May work with manufacturers, suppliers and vendors in resolving customer service issues.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Strong customer service skills;
  • Experience in the setup, programming and troubleshooting of Internet related devices and products;
  • Valid Driver’s License;
  • Routine short term planning;
  • Productive responsible conduct;
  • Professional appearance and manner;
  • Ability to work and communicate well with others;
  • Strong Internet and computer career commitment;
  • Able to work with little supervision;
  • Imaginative effort to solve customer and company problems.